Summer 2017
As a full-time creative services intern at Coach, I worked with both the digital team, wireframing and designing globally distributed visual and animated assets for email and web; and the print team, assisting with packaging design, internal collateral, and presenting concepts to upper management. One project I personally worked on from conceptualization to production was designing the packaging and gift wrap for Coach's new women’s fragrance, Eau de Toilette, released during the 2017 holiday season.

The Challenge
Online marketing is becoming increasing competitive. One of the challenges related to the work I created for Coach was to create instantly impressionable and engaging visual content for web, social media, and print, which was both coherent with the ongoing visual story of the Coach brand, while also striking enough to stimulate ongoing consumer interest. Goal was to increase click-through rates on consumer emails and enhance the engagement of less active subscribers, while continuing to incorporate Coach's iconic design elements.

My Role
Taking advantage of motion and figure/ground organization as design principles that orient and spark consumer attention, I developed a variety of email layouts, which broke away from the traditional, gridded email format. I incorporated GIFs as a way of minimizing clutter, highlighting product functionality, and displaying more products at a larger, more mobile-friendly scale. To increase CTRs, we made the design decision to switch from an underline style CTA to a rectangular style CTA so as to enhance visual clickability and perceived affordance.


Successful engagement with my designs is demonstrated by the fact that Coach has continued to use similar display methods in future emails. For example, in an email released on January 17th, Coach used the same method of display for the Bandit bag that I created for the “Now & Later” email. Additionally, Coach continues to use a rectangular style CTA to denote the primary action within each of their consumer emails. Hence, the Click-through Rate Report Metrics must have revealed the style change to be effective in driving consumer engagement towards the primary action.

Summer 2014
I also worked at Coach in May of 2014, during which time I worked under Michael Craig, Senior Director of Creative Services. During my 2014 internship, I assisted with the management of photo shoots and product reviews, developed layout designs for web, and designed display ads of various specs. Some of my more specific contributions include, placing images for the skin of the coach website, redesigning the layout for the Coach Foundation page of the Coach website, and helping design the login portal for the user interface used by retail management.