Make Hers Mine is a startup concept two University of Pennsylvania students and myself developed throughout summer and fall of 2016 as a creative exercise. Our mission was to conceptualize from start to finish an online, university-based, clothing rental space, which university students could use to list, discover, and rent clothing within the comfort of their university circle.
My Role
Tasked with developing a user-friendly interface for the online rental space, I led the interaction, web, and visual design for the project. I mapped out potential user flows for the entire site, designed each page from scratch, and then worked closely with a team of engineers to bring the site to life. I was in charge of wireframing, prototyping, and beta testing. As creative director of the project, I was also in charge of developing the brand identity for the company.
The Challenge
This was a complex interface that involved multiple levels of user-to-user interaction. Goal was to design and implement an efficient solution at scale for a two sided marketplace. There was also the challenge of integrating a payment gateway, which would coincide with a manually opperated delivery system that would allow renters to customize their own delivery timeline and try on their rentals before having to complete the payment for the rental in full.

User Flow
I worked in tandem with the engineers to develop the userflow given the software and hardware constraints. We focused on making it as easy as possible for users to find what they were looking for and simplifying the user-to-user interaction process as much as possible so that rental transactions could take place more rapidly.